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You are invited to read our offer, and can rest assured that each order placed with our company, regardless of its contents, be it for a prototype or for mass production, will be completed to the highest quality standards and within the shortest time possible. We have earned trust of numerous customers who sought a competent and reliable partner. We hope that you will join the group of our satisfied customers soon.

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We have put a strong emphasis on the quality of our products and on meeting deadlines for order completion since the beginning of our operations; this applies both to prototype and mass production projects.

Our advantages appreciated by our existing customers include: meeting order deadlines, competitive and negotiable prices, immediate response to all inquiries, support and consultancy in implementing various projects.

We apply individual, customized approach to every customer – this, combined with the knowledge and experience of our team, guarantees successful completion of each order.

Our offer

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Rigid PCB

Item Standard Advanced
Layers Count 1..12 1..40
Max Board Size 20" x 48" (508 mm x 1219 mm)
Board Thickness 0.4 ÷ 6.0 mm 0.2 ÷ 8.0 mm
Surface Finishes HASL-LF (Pb free)
Immersion Silver/Immersion Tin
Flash Gold
HASL&Gold Finger
Laminates FR4 - all types
Metal Backed Boards (ALU/Cu)
Maximum Copper Thickness
Inner Layers
4 oz (120 um) 5 oz (170 um)
Maximum Copper Thickness
Outer Layers
10 oz (350 um)
Minimum Track Thickness 3 mils (75 um)
Minimum Track Space 3 mils (75 um)
Minimum Hole Size (Drilled) 8 mils (200 um) 6 mils (150 um)
Minimum Hole Size (Laser) 5 mils (125 um) 4 mils (100 um)
PTH Wall Thickness 0.8 mils (20 um) 1.2 mils (30 um)
Finish hole tolerance (PTH) ±2mils (±50 um)
Aspect Ratio 12:1 15:1
Vias Tenting / Plugged / Blind / Buried / Micro-Vias
Impedance Control ± 10% (advanced ± 5%)
Solder Mask Green / White / Snow White / Black / Black Mate / Blue / Red
Quality standard Class 2 or 3 / Acceptable or Target (according to IPC-600)
Technologies/processes presented above are just part of our offer.

Full Capability Roadmap is available for download in PDF format.

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Flexible/Flex-Rigid PCB

Item Standard Advanced
Types of Flex boards IPC 6013 - Type 1/2/3/4/5
Layers Count 1-8 Layers (Flexible PCB)
2-12 Layers (Flex-Rigid PCB / HDI + Flex-Rigid PCB)
Max Board Size 21.5" x 24.5" (546mm X 622mm)
Standard Polyamide (PI) thickness (FLEX) 0.5…5 mils (12...125 um)
Standard Adhesive thickness (FLEX) 0.5…6 mils (12…150 um)
Standard Copper thickness (FLEX) 12 um (ED Cu) / 18/35/70 um (RA Cu)
Minimum Track Thickness 3 mils (75 um) 2 mils (50 um)
Minimum Track Space 3 mils (75 um) 2 mils (50 um)
Maximum Hole Size (CNC) 6,5 mm
Minimum Hole Size (CNC) 0,2 mm 0,15 mm
CNC Hole Diameter Tolerance ±0,1 mm
Slot Length vs Width Ratio (CNC) 2:1
Aspect Ratio 6:1
Bending Flexibility Min. 20 bend cycles for angle of 180° and mandrel diameter of 1.2 mm (according to IPC 6013 point 3.6.1)
Flexible Endurance Min. 50 k flex cycles (according to IPC 6013 point 3.6.2)
Technologies/processes presented above are just part of our offer.

Full Capability Roadmap is available for download in PDF format.


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